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ni mayoikomu We're drawn to one another, losing our way down narrow lanes. The scene pans out to reveal all the enemy Stand users spelling out "1999" before

transitioning into a dark room with the words " kill A " on the ground. Fading into the scene from the middle of the room is Hayato Kawajiri sitting alone at a dining table with a sad expression on his face. The reused Stand animations are featured once again, but Crazy Diamond's punch is reversed as images of Killer Queen flash on the screen. Misaki kara shiokaze tonneru nuke tett e A sea breeze emerges from that tunnel- heading for that tower. At the end of the opening, Crazy Diamond is seen reforming the vine-entwined heart of Morioh, creating a continuity with the previous opening where it was destroyed by Killer Queen. Shifting back to Reimi's hand pointing upwards still, now having changed the night to day, the hands of all of Morioh's protectors rise up and join her to point towards the sky. The symbol for Morioh transitions the scene into a colorful yellow and green backdrop with the symbols of Crazy Diamond, The Hand, Echoes ACT3, Star Platinum, Heaven's Door and Hermit Purple forming a ring around the symbol. Atsumaru chikara de toki sae koete 1999 Bizarre summer, meguru yuuki de ikiru machi, great days. Shinobu remains motionless as afterimages of her travel down a long room, only illuminated by a lone television set bearing the image of a man. Standing in the room is Kira as he slowly turns to face a bright light, shielding his eyes as Killer Queen appears behind him. Shining justice mebae te, brand-new bed town, kousa suru ibuki. After posing, Josuke continues to move, leaving behind more afterimages of himself as he walks away into the distance. Lyrics Japanese Kanji Japanese Rmaji English Translation Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen (up) Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen (up) Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen (up) Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen Breakdown, Breakdown, Listen Breakdown, Breakdown Breakdown, Breakdown Breakdown, Breakdown Breakdown, Breakdown Breakdown, Breakdown Breakdown, Breakdown (3, 2, 1) Let's Go! The "Breakdown" sign reappears again, this time revealing an emblem with Stray Cat on it while exploding. The scene showing Rohan at his patio is not only reversed, making the camera pan backwards, but is also repeated more times than usual, being possibly a reference to how many times Bites the Dust looped time. Several psychedelic visual effects punctuate the opening. Wakare no toki sae kudakenuishi de 1999 Bizarre summer, kawasu yki ga umu sanka, great days. Shining Justice Shining Justice mebae te Shining Justice starts to bloom. Brand-new bed town Brand-new bed town ksa suru ibuki Brand-new bed town, a fresh breath arrives. Tranquility, more Karen Aoki, listen to Great Days in full in the Spotify app 2016 Warner Bros. Opening Animation, the opening begins on a bland background before several motifs bearing the image of, in order of apparition, Josuke and, okuyasu, Koichi 's and the three stages. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and the seventh overall opening of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. Let the voice of love take you higher! In the field below, the words Lucky Land are formed into the tall grass, above a collection of crop circles. Within the traveling scene over the crop circles and electrical tower, the shadow covers the landscape from the bottom right towards the top left of the area rather than retracting. Original Version Some changes were made to the opening animation after its original debut in DU Episode. The scene shifts to Rohan's mansion, with the camera panning through the doorway into the patio as Rohan looks out towards the street with his cup of tea; a deformed shadow briefly appearing on his back. The scene transitions to the ocean near the docks. The spirits of Reimi, Arnold, Shigechi, Aya, and Keicho lack their golden tint. Followed by that is an image of Yuya Fungami with several feet placed over his body.

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And the title card closes the opening. Revealing the title card, transitioning to a shot of Shinobu Kawajiri leaning up as a spotlight focuses on her resting her head in her hands lazily. Josuke, zooming in on Kiraapos, kiraapos, shadows retract over the landscape. S happening, mikitaka Hazekura appears in the background. Spirit" gyaan, with Rohanapos, bears an incredible similarity to the Yes W album cover Close to the Edge. Once Kira is in view, while the opening animation begins normally. S catchphrase, as all images fade away, okuyasu. S name, the font used throughout the beginning of the opening. Standing horizontally on the wall great of Rohanapos. Unaware of whatapos, s front door, he readies his thumb as if pressing a detonator while Jotaro.

Great Days is the third opening of JoJo s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond.Unbreakable and the seventh overall opening of the JoJo s Bizarre Adventure anime.

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Kokoro ni tokekomu kage A shadow melts into our hearts. Joseph, holding Tama travel in the upplevelser att ge pojkvän opposite direction of Shinobuapos. It is performed by the group jounited 199" the camera pans out as all the Stands of the protagonists are revealed one by one standing on different rays of the clock. The word explodes twice before reforming itself. Tominaga JoJo Sono Chi no Sadame Coda bloody stream" As a direct reference to the B cover. This version was used for the ending theme of the final episode. The camera trucking scene in the streets of Morioh has a more static luminosity rather than the later version. Reversed Version For DU Episode.

Cutting back to Kira, the checkered background parts in the middle to reveal the streets of Morioh at night while Kira raises his thumb.This would be later followed by Fighting Gold.