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the Metro station or from a conductor on trams or light rail trains, and on ticket posts on tram stops and ferry jetties. I saw a schedule for

SJ train that runs roughly once an hour and a commuter SL train that runs every half hour. You can buy the cards in advance, the validity starts the first time you use them. There are a number of places to buy your ticket in the Stockholm area. Thanks for your help! You can either do this in any Access automat, at the train station before starting your journey or when leaving the train station at Arlanda. For some reason it is free to access the airport in this way! (In other words, would 110SEK get you from Arlanda to Stockholm or there's an additional cost?). The access fee is linked to the use of the station and the railway and how they were funded when they were built in the 1990s. Certain hotels, small scale ticket agents, such as tobacconists. With the smart phone app "SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter" (SL Journeyplanner and tickets). If our arrival time works out for SJ train, we'll probably take that as it takes only 20 min. You can purchase tickets at the normal SL and UL sales points and at Arlanda Central station. High-speed trains, the Arlanda Express runs non stop between Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda in 20 minutes. You can buy train tickets on Tågkompaniet's website or at SJ sales points. Our busdrivers and conductors on light rail trains* do not handle cash, so make sure you have a ticket when you board the bus or train. Buy before boarding a bus or light rail lines. Other ticket agents have the SL logo displayed on flags or stickers. I don't see that many posts regarding the local train from the airport. Buy at: SL Access self-service ticket machines at Metro and train stations (you need an SL Access card in advance to add your ticket to). Ticket offices at Metro and commuter rail stations. If you will use SL public transport frequently during your stay, it is probably most convenient to have the reloadable SL Access card and purchase a ticket of your choice at the ticket machines or at a ticket agent to add on the card. If the fee is not included in your fare you can pay at the station counter in SkyCity. Every day you can choose among 60 long-distance trains to and from Arlanda Central station in SkyCity eather with SJ or Tågkompaniet. . This adds about 15 minutes to the journey time. If I understand the schedule correctly on the SL website, we'll have to take Upptåget train to Upplands Väsby then change to SL commuter train.

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Throughout the Stockholm area, there are about 350 agents with the full range of tickets. Such as single use travelcards and single journey tickets. Buy at, if we get a 24hour SL card. At SL Access selfservice ticket machines add to your SL Access card or print as paper ticket. You can buy all types of tickets at all Metro stationsapos. Make sure to touch in on a card reader to start robot the validity on your first journey. Longdistance trains, buy your ticket, ticket offices, find them by using the map on the start page. Travelcards and pay as you gocredit.

Single journe tickets can be bought in several different arlanda ways. All single journey tickets are valid for 75 minutes. Metro and commuter rail stations and and SL Centers. Most of them suggested taking the bus. At the ticket office at Metro or commuter rail stations.