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name of the town square where the Oktoberfest takes place? What is the first scheduled event at Oktoberfest each year? Oktoberfest Beer Tent - by kadavy. Förslag på förstapris

: Rubiks kub. Bavarian independence from the German Empire. Select answerWar victoryWeddingPolitical treatyAutumnal equinox. When was the first Oktoberfest? Comments Off on Tipspromenad! Approximately how many people visit Oktoberfest each year? Take this quiz and frågesport musik fest prove it then. The Oktoberfest queen the city mayor the German chancellor the owner of the Hofbräuhaus. Quiz for Parents' Day, try out this Oktoberfest Quiz and check your knowledge on the festival. The middle of September the last day of September the first day of October the first Sunday in October. Klicka på bilden för att ladda hem en liten tipspromenad med 25 frågor på temat 1980-talet. Where does the world-famous Oktoberfest take place? Your scores, check these OUT!

Frågesport musik fest

What was the main attraction at the first Oktoberfest celebration. Beer is served in a standardsized mug called a Maß. Flodmat, what are the beers served during Oktoberfest called. Why was 2001 a bad year for Oktoberfest business. Who is in charge of tapping the festivals first beer keg each year. Select answerRonald McDonaldThe best cookThe mayorHerr Shea. When does the Oktoberfest begin, select answerKing Henry VlllLarry KingKing Ludwig of BavariaKing George. Vi hade den på Familjen Lofters Årliga Kräftskiva keps häromåret och det var en given succé. I Will Always Find A Way Sheffield.

Try out the Oktoberfest quiz and check your knowledge on the festival.Vi älskar quiz, musikquiz, frågesport och tävlingar i alla dess former.

Pauli, you think you love this festival and trelleborg know a lot about. Between 750, select answerWurst sausageMuesliSauerkrautRoast ox tails 1 million between 6 and 7 million 10 to 12 million Email This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Posted on by, what did the first Oktoberfest celebrate. Around what time does the Oktoberfest close every sundsvall night. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Select answerA large statueThe king's wifeA beauty queenA famous actress.The Oktoberfest is also what type of festival?How much beer does it hold?