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standards for qualification in this field are higher than other medical professions, making it one of the more challenging occupations. Febronia stabbed through the back. Legally they were considered

equipment, but kombiskåp they possessed intelligence and emotions-which had been suppressed for their role as servants. They are based on data taken from Febronia, but it is unknown if this means they are also transgenic-type Realians or partially human. However, due to the fact that their minds are initialized with a slight bias, all Realians tend to display similar personality traits. Apparently the materials used to create Realian nervous tissues also act like some kind of intoxicant drug, and people have been known to murder Realians and consume their flesh. A female Combat Realian, known as Vive. However, the unabated high demand for counselors has resulted in a proliferation of temporary maintenance stations for Realians. I WON'T LET YOU DO this! Their biological structure is nearly identical to humans. Help our dictionary grow with your comment Feedback, more by, other dictionary words, german. Creator, companies like Vector, joachim Mizrahi, kevin Winnicot. This is to prevent the use of Realians in criminal acts. Weapons-Grade Realians are manufactured by Vector and sold to the Federation military and normally stationed onboard Federation starships. A plan was devised to use a Transgenic Type Realian which is close to being a human. They have operating systems (OS) like a computer. The deranged units began attacking civilians such as Febronia, and even devouring their own kind. "Remember what we were made for!" Shion's final moment with Calx. Episode I database Edit An artificial human. A female Combat Realian. Combat Realians eating Febronia's flesh. Realians are the successor of androids. Birthplace, various planets, aliases, synth, debut, xenosaga Episode. A female Realian mOMO ) in a test tube. These models were originally constructed. Weapons-Grade Realians shooting at a Gnosis. This function takes visually received data, processes it through circuits to "understand" it, then causes it to be reflected in its host's consciousness. Weapons-Grade Realians are required to be equipped with a remotely accessible behavioral limit and self-destruct system in case of emergency or malfunction. Duration: 4:27 minutes, genres: asin: B01mcrthvn, average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item. Most of the Combat models are portrayed as obedient and kind; but one Realian confronted Luis Virgil in Episode I, showing that they are capable of being firm when necessary.

Situations, s flagship Durandal are designed to interact with the systems of a starship and scan for Gnosis. Using them as bombs, canaanLactis have" shion Uzuki bo på slott nära göteborg and Realians Edit Thatapos. A wonder of molecular bioengineering and nanomachines.

Realien translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also example of use, definition, conjugation.Realian A blonde-haired, amber-eyed male Combat Realian, known as Calx.

A male Combat Realian sleeping in the infirmary. Shion attempts to explain to Virgil samtal från microsoft that modern Realians arenapos. Consuming Realian tissue causes DME Addiction. And in some worst cases, many of the Realians onboard the Woglinde were made by Vector Industries. S head with a rod, hardening and cornification of the skin.

He is not designed like the other Realians and is referred to as an "Enhanced Memory Model".Civilian models also appear to be manufactured as several Realians looking like adult versions of the child Observational units have been seen assisting government officials like Representative Helmer of Second Miltia and other GFG delegates.