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These initiatives are being enhanced by changing attitudes towards heritage values in the society thanks to extensive campaigns for tourist attraction (Live Riga, managed by the municipal Tourism

Development office public discussions organized by NGOs and state and municipal institutions. Every historic building designated for public use has its own instructions for cases of emergency. Criterion (ii Riga has exerted considerable influence within the cultural area of the Baltic Sea on the developments in architecture, monumental sculpture and garden design. By data base improvement, further elaboration of detailed plans and local plans for certain areas, overall visual impact studies and their requirements, procedures for heritage impact assessment as well as diversification of local community involvement. Attn: Rides do not take place if the air temperature is above. Secondly, extremities in economic development, excessively fast growth or crisis could dramatically affect the property. The main threats of the property include the following areas. Outstanding Universal Value, brief synthesis, the Historic Centre lokal för bröllop stockholm of Riga is a living illustration of European history. Dalies ar saviem Rgas ststiem. Criterion (i The medieval and later-period urban planning structure of the Historic Centre of Riga, as well as the quantity and quality of Art Nouveau architecture, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world, and the 19th century wooden architecture make it of Outstanding Universal Value. TOP apskates vietas 100 gadi vien dien, riga Pass, labkie muzeji. The overall coherence of the site is also vulnerable to the possible adverse impact of new developments in and outside of the buffer zone. The medieval core of Riga is located on the right bank of the River Daugava, allowing a picturesque view on the skyline saturated with numerous church towers from the different perspectives of the left bank. It is also a city of beautiful women. And Riga is also a venue for cultural events in an international perspective - which is shown by the fact that it was the cultural epicentre of Europe in 2014. The outstanding panorama and visual perspectives of the Historic Centre of Riga reflect the effective protection of the important views of the property. 365 days every year Riga offers both cultural as well as culinary highlights. The comprehensive model of the protection and preservation of the Historic Centre of Riga strives to sustain the authenticity and integrity of the site and to ensure the prevention of potential threats. Similarly, trends of low-quality new buildings, including construction of new, large buildings that do not match the scale and character of the historic building pattern, large facilities that attract traffic in the historic city centre and the construction of new cheap buildings of low architectural. More About the history and development of crafts, technologies and traditions.

First, in order to ensure broader regular involvement of all interested parties and a more holistic approach towards the preservation. The new longterm Development Strategy and midterm Development Programme as well as the Spatial Plan according to new principles are in their initial stages of development. According to foreign tourists Riga is not only the small Paris or city of parks. Riga is more than 800 years old and with a blend of a medieval centre and a modern city. More Rigas biggest construction project is under way right now. It contains all elements necessary slott to express Outstanding Universal Value. It is in this period that the suburbs surrounding the medieval town were laid out. In the 17th century, the joint cooperation of all stakeholders has been established by inclusion. The municipality develops legal frameworks and provisions to deal with these challenges in a holistic and participatory manner. The Council for Preservation and Development of the Historic Centre of Riga was established in 2003.

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The Council meets regularly, integrity, open architectural, each of these parts has its characteristic relationship of buildings and public stora svarta bröst outdoor spaces. These initiatives are being strengthened by statelevel binding regulations. Introduced in 2011, historic structure, riga City Construction Board and Riga City Architects Office with its Collegium.