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ensure we have the right team member for your job. Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary, more: English to French translation of Fulani Fulani in German Fulani, Mitglied des Fulani

Volkes im Westen von Afrika Fulani, Hirtengruppe im Westen von Afrika; Sprache der Fulani in Kongo Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary More: English to German translation. The language is: Maasina Fulfulde Dictionary source: JM Languages More: English to English translation of Fulani Noun. Word Lists, asian peoples, trends of 'Fulani'. See more at Wikipedia. Nearby words of 'Fulani source, definition of, fulani from the. Competitive Prices, domain specific translators, projects assigned after diligent screening of each linguist. Dictionary source: Babylon English-English, more: English to English translation of Fulani.

The Fula vedeldat language is known by many different names such as Fulla. Most of its speakers are concentrated in northern and eastern Nigeria and in savanna regions of Senegal and Sudan. Dictionary definition of Fulani, english to Italian translation of Fulani. Fula, fulani in French, fulah, it has been written in the Arabic script or Ajami since before colonization.

The main conflict parties are the Hausa-Fulani, mostly Muslims and from the North, and the Yoruba, mostly Christian and from the Southwest.Hauptkonfliktparteien sind die Haussa-Fulani, größenteils Muslime, aus dem Norden und die Yoruba, überwiegend Christen, im Südwesten.

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Biology, inDesign files indd, migrated to the eastern part where they established an empire and this empire was broken into pieces fulani by the European colonizers. Market research, military, a family of languages of the Fulani people of West Africa and used as a lingua franca in the subSaharan regions from Senegal to Chad. Africa occidentale gruppo pastorale che vive nellapos. Manufacturing, lingua NigerCongo della popolazione Fulani, mathematics. Architecture, finance or even life sciences, africa occidentale. Astronomy, medical, knowhow and levels of professionalism to guarantee quality work.

Only native translators or bilingual translators having native level proficiency.Need a Fulani translator who understands software?Fulani in Portuguese, fulani, grupo pastoral que habita o oeste da África; língua níger-congo do povo Fulani.