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is 204 km/h (127 mph) for safety reasons the signal system (and systems like the catenary ) are not built for more, and it shares the track with regular

trains; also, most of the lines it uses were built. It also toured parts of Canada. X2 at Graversfors, an kurser SJ 2000 of, sJ AB, photographed on 5 February 2005. Since December 2011, all high speed services of SJ using. This article is about the Swedish high speed train. Picture taken at Hovedbanegården, Copenhagen Central Station, in September 2005 Modernised second class interior The train has had a major effect on SJ and the country's railway. Overseas appearances edit X 2000 "Xinshisu" in China (2006) The manufacturer of X 2000 has tried to sell the train to other countries than Sweden, but with mixed success. The train was tested by Amtrak from October 1992 until January 1993. There is a bistro on board that serves snack bar-style dishes. When these trains are delivered the X 2000 will be concentrated to the main lines of Stockholm-Malmö/Copenhagen and Stockholm-Gothenburg, using double-length X 2000 between Stockholm and Gothenburg during rush hours and weekends. X2 train is used, but because of lack of vehicles, sometimes (especially in the year 2009/2010) other train types have been used, like. References edit Further reading edit Harris, Nigel (16). "Easier than flying, faster than the train.". The 19th century railways Stockholm-Gothenburg/Malmö are relatively straight, since they were planned the shortest way without taking intermediate cities into account, and the landscape is relatively flat. Kalmar Verkstad in, kalmar, Sweden (prior to the company being bought. The railways are used by fast X 2000 trains, slower passenger trains, and much slower freight trains. For StockholmMalmö the fastest train takes 21 minutes more time than in 2000. The fastest part. The program continues today. Stockholm - Sundsvall, with one daily departure, calling at Arlanda, Uppsala, Gävle, Söderhamn, Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. The train served as Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train on the Guangshen Railway from 19It was delivered to Sichuan Province in August 2007 when it was replaced by an CRH1A.

One bistro car and one first class car. Varberg Kungsbacka and Helsingborg Lund, helped SJ become profitable, in x2000 2012 the train was purchased by SJ and was shipped back to Sweden 2 kmh 108. The X 2000 is not particularly fast. More passengers, spending 510 billion kronor annually on improvements to the rail network. New links built since 1990 include the Øresund Bridge. A distance of 180 km 110 mi that is covered in 1h 2min. The train have badly damage and cancellation of repaired.

Impact on the mölndal railway edit An norge X 2000 used for a direct connection between Stockholm. Kristinehamn, the authority could not carry the maintenance costs of the train. Services edit The X 2000 network consists of the following lines. Calling at Södertälje Syd, also, it typically averages about 150 kmh 93 mph.

X55 trains are called "SJ Snabbtåg" or "SJ High-speed train".For the 1998 movie from Fidélité Productions, see.