The last ten years have seen quite a revolution in quality, and if this continues.Inside San Salvador de Jujuy Cathedral, admire the wood-carved pulpit laminated in gold.Visit the French-Baroque Flags Hall and see the flag bestowed by General Belgrano to the city following the Battle.

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Then you will head through Abra Blanca where you will reach the maximum height of 4080m (13,385ft) above sea level.Again, by using high altitude to its best advantage, producers are extracting incredible colour and concentration from varieties likes Malbec, Syrah and Tannat a little-known grape, originally from South-West France.Currently at nearby stations 70 F, jujuy Aerodrome: (35 mi passing clouds.

Years later, while teaching English in Santiago he got into wine and returned to work in the trade in the UK and Italy.Passing by the Government House, ponder over the allegorical statues by native Lola Mora.Its claim to fame however, is its often stunning Torrontés, the exotically perfumed white grape that Argentina excels.