As is typical for mithraea in the Roman provinces in the Greek East, the inscriptions and graffiti are mostly in Greek, with the rest in Palmyrene (and some Hellenized Hebrew).29 In 1933, among fragments of text recovered from the town dump outside the Palmyrene Gate, a fragmentary text was unearthed from an unknown Greek harmony of the gospel accounts comparable to Tatian 's Diatessaron, but independent.

2, since 2012 individuals have been able to assemble all Europass documents in the European Skills Passport.In its later years, it also attained the status of a Roman colonia, which, by the third century, was what James (Henry Breasted) calls an honorary title for an important town.

Cultural heritage and environment of the Syrian Jezireh.It eventually entered the city and pierced the inner embankment and, when the ramp was completed, Dura's end had come.United States of America: Macmillan.