The interactive transcript could not be loaded.After the third round ends, Carola is put into a hospital bed to recover from her injuries while Hariru watches over her.

Carola jimmy

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Dunn, British-American writer, carola, roloff, German Buddhist nun, carola.In the third round, "Add-up-to-ten Survival Carola is given the medal labeled 8, marking her as the second to leave their box from the previous round.She has a voracious appetite which is later explained that she needs to eat in order to replace any lost calories from using her Burst.

Much to her surprise, both Hariru and Fraud are far too fast for her to keep up, making her unable to take part in the battle.Despite being hurt, Carola manages to get to the battlefield of the fourth round, "Seesaw Balloon Survival." With the last of her strength, Carola manages to tell Hariru that Fraud is actually the leader of Great Gavel turned young with their technology.After interrogating a Grunt, they find out the culprit to be Fraud, who arrives and claims that he no longer has any need for.